TCBC Seniors/Adults

Thornden Community Badminton Club started a Seniors division in September 2019. If you enjoy a good game and meeting friendly people, then get in contact for more information.

Venue: Hiltingbury Sports Pavilion, SO53 5NP
Time: Tuesdays, 7-9 pm 
Level: We’re looking for people who have played in the past but may now feel a little rusty, or currently play and are happy to play socially but aren’t too bothered if the club doesn’t have any teams that enter leagues.

Fees: Fees cover court costs, shuttles, Badminton England and Hampshire Badminton affiliation fees.

There are two ways you can pay:

  • Pay-and-Play: £5 for the evening. You can attend up to six times, and thereafter continue to attend, paying the £5 each time but also buying an annual membership to Badminton England and Hampshire Badminton. A one-off payment of £18. You can either join Badminton England directly, or we can do it on your behalf.
  • Buy an Annual TCBC Club Membership. You can take out a TCBC membership at any time. To give you an idea of cost, in Oct 2022 it was £110, working out to less than £3.00 per evening. In addition, the annual membership includes an automatic membership to Badminton England and Hampshire Badminton.

Why do we need our players, (Pay-and-Play and TCBC Members) to become members of Badminton England/Hampshire Badminton? Badminton England has generously given us a grant to help cover court fees while we attract Senior members and build the club. Most importantly, Badminton England provide the club with resources and insurance. Each individual Badminton England member also receives a number of perks, including discount when purchasing sporting goods and personal injury insurance. For more, see Badminton England membership.