TCBC Junior Club Tournament 2024

Our tournament is designed to maximise play and prizes.  Great day of great play!

Date: Saturday April 27, 2024

Gold Tournament: Open to players from all levels.
Silver Tournament: Open to Silver and Bronze players only
Bronze Tournament: Open to Bronze and Primary players only
Primary Tournament: Open to Primary players only

Play is both Singles and Doubles. If you don’t have a partner, we’ll find you one.

Gold Matches: Start 11.00 am
Silver Matches: Start 12.30 pm
Bronze Matches: Start 2.00 pm
Primary Matches: Start 3.00 pm

To enter, complete the online form.

Deadline for signing up: Monday, April 22, 2024.

Tournament Rules

  • Eligibility: Players must be a ‘paid-up’ member of Thornden Community Badminton Club.
  • Entry must be received by Monday April 22, 2024.   Please register online.
  • Submit one form for each player.
  • Plastic shuttles will be used.
  • Primary members can enter all four groups. Bronze members can enter Bronze, Silver and Gold groups only, Silver members can enter Silver and Gold Groups only, and Gold members can enter the Gold group only.
  • Players must report to the Draw Table by the appropriate start times listed above.
  • Match format and tie breaker method will depend on the number of entries and will be decided by the tournament committee.
  • Players must abide by the club’s rules of conduct. (Play fair and be kind to each other.) See  Code of Conduct for the club.
  • Spectators are most welcome but must remember that they sit close to the courts and therefore must be respectful of the play in progress. (Be relatively quiet and don’t stand on the court boundaries.)
  • Prizes will be awarded to the winners and runners up at the end of play of their group.

Any questions, contact Sue Dixon at 02380-267717,